Inspiration and Recreation for Better Performance

Being a modern district, New Hanza represents a high value-added combination of business and leisure platforms offering vast opportunities for performing in every sense of the word. Like cultural background is a must-have for full development of the human personality, New Hanza as a new centre of the city could not stay away from offering its very own possibilities for inspiration and recreation.

With the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art at the very heart of the cultural and social life, New Hanza will become a major habitat of creative minds, artists and admirers of art from all around Europe! Provided its revolutionary concept of being a platform for sharing ideas in the first place, the museum will not only satisfy Latvians’ thirst after their own temple for contemporary art but has all the potential for becoming a public space for socializing and engaging on a daily basis.

The unique exterior of the museum certainly benefits from the background — a new park, Hanzas Dārzs. A spacious green area is of mixed use, from being a calm place for relaxation in the centre of the city to providing space for an outdoor exhibition in conjunction with the museum. Being a remarkable landscape element of New Hanza, the park will attract the citizens for relaxing, spending time with children and admiring the landscape.

With the forward-looking socializing strategy in mind, the cultural environment of New Hanza would be incomplete without a very special venue for concerts, conferences, workshops and artistic performances. The former railway warehouse with huge historical background, Hanzas Perons, is gradually transforming into a territory of common interests for both business-oriented and creative minds.

All together, the spots of cultural insights as well as mental and physical relaxation in New Hanza will provide absolutely new experience in gaining inspiration for better everyday performance.