Spacious Public Park in the New Centre of Riga

Life is not just about buildings. Space between buildings is no less important. Therefore, New Hanza has reserved over 1.5 ha of land at its heart for a park named Hanzas Dārzs.

This will be a place where all roads converge to produce ideas, plans and dreams, and to offer an oasis of peace and tranquillity away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. The Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art will sit right next to this park.

On summer days, visitors to the park will be sure to appreciate the refreshing locale of the park’s pond and fountains in the heart of the city. Its lawns will offer both kids and youngsters a welcoming environment for relaxation and play. Meanwhile, outdoor cafes will offer businessmen and their partners an attractive setting where they can do business outside the office, while the paths will be lined with families. The environment will dictate the mood and outcome of the conversations held here, because there are some things that are best discussed outside conference rooms or living rooms. Sometimes, one just needs to recharge batteries with a view of Latvian nature, to offer oneself a reminder of the close proximity of inspiring culture and art, and to take a look at the spectacular office buildings with future goals in mind.

Whenever nature, art, business and daily life overlap, chances are that new ideas and audacious future plans will be born.

15,500 m2

of nature and fun
  • A space for relaxation, recreation and enjoying nature in the very heart of the project
  • Office windows overlooking the park
  • Noise barriers for office and residential buildings
  • Absorption of more than 1 ton of CO2 yearly