Warehouse Turned Venue for Culture and Art

In anticipation of the vibrant atmosphere of the future office buildings, the first entertainment venue to be completed is Hanzas Perons.

A monument to industrial heritage on the corner of Pulkveža Brieža Street and Hanzas Street, it is already under construction, and when completed, it will become a multifunctional public space where up to 2,300 visitors will be able to enjoy concerts and plays. The place will also be an ideal venue for art galleries and various industry exhibitions.

The building is not a landmark itself, and yet it sits within the protected area of Riga’s historical centre. Actually, this is the only architectural evidence of an important era in the development of Riga’s trade and manufacturing. Now it will resurrect as an entertainment venue project by architect Reinis Liepiņš from Sudraba Arhitektūra architecture firm with the aim of wrapping 21st century events in a unique 19th century atmosphere.

The reconstruction vision implies retention of the historical view of the building and its use in the interior; for example, as a section of railroad. At the design stage, event management specialists were approached to find out their needs and expectations, while the world’s top specialists were responsible for ensuring that the building has the best acoustics.

Spotlight on historical heritage

4,400 m2

of space for culture and art
  • New life for historical railway warehouse building
  • Gateway from Riga Art Nouveau district to New Hanza

The project envisages that the building will be entirely covered in glass including on the roof. On the south-east, south, and south-west sides, the exterior will have a double facade: besides glass, it will also be covered with vertical wooden boards to create shade. On the western facade that looks out onto Pulkveža Brieža Street, the glass will be covered with sliding wooden panels that will serve two functions: to create shade and showcase the railway infrastructure. The existing wood and metal roof construction will be retained as a decorative element and framework for hanging pieces of art and event equipment.

Inside, the theme of the historical warehouse image will be fully retained offering a universal background for any event. The renovation will enlarge the building visually and emotionally, pinning one more reference to the city’s rich history on the map of Riga.

Very soon, in spring 2019, Hanzas Perons will open its doors for the audiences to become a landmark that unites art, cultural interaction and festive events.