About New Hanza

New Hanza is a territory adjacent to Riga historical centre undergoing a transformation into the capital city’s new central business district. Convenient traffic, major city landmarks within walking distance and well-developed infrastructure are just a few of the advantages of investing in New Hanza sites.

New Hanza is a 24.5 ha area in a prime location in Riga that already has a developed and approved master plan, as well as paved access roads and connections to engineering networks. Territory development plan entails the construction of multifunctional buildings including a venue for conferences and various events, a park, the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, along with residential and office buildings that will make living and working in New Hanza an even more attractive proposition.

The first investment opportunity in New Hanza territory available to outside investors is the office project on offer. On its current stage, the investment opportunity has all the advantages of a plug and play concept — the office complex configurations are flexible for individual investor's requests, whereas investors can start construction as promptly as needed. As soon as the decision is made and the amendments are incorporated, the office development project execution can fit into the following timeline:

  • within three months pile drilling and foundation construction can be resumed;
  • within nine months underground parking construction can be started;
  • within two and a half years tenants can move into the first completed building.

Focus on

24.5 ha


270,000 m2

of commercial space

80,000 m2

of residential space

The office building's technical configurations allow for single- or multi-tenant spaces, offering spaces ranging from 150 m2 to 2,500 m2 on a single floor, as well as the possibility to rent the entire building.

The building’s service systems, design and materials have been carefully selected in accordance with the best practices in regard to energy efficiency, sustainability and tenant well-being. The office complex will attain a “very good” BREEAM certification level, as well as A-class energy saving rating. There will also be an option to achieve WELL certification. In general, the group of buildings will provide its users with all the essential amenities including sports, recreation, shopping, parking, children’s day care facilities, etc.

Depending on investor's requirements and priorities, site solutions can be pre-fabricated or picked from template solutions, which will simplify and ease the construction, manufacturing and further use of the sites.

New Hanza territory development is managed by a full cycle development group of companies known as Pillar. Pillar is a local group of companies unique in its ability to deliver maximum efficiency and synergy on every stage of the project by combining knowledge and skills in project management, design, construction and maintenance in a single team.