New Hanza Office Buildings

New Hanza offers a solution to the increasing shortage of spacious A class office premises on Riga’s slow-growing real estate market. The three building complex prepared for immediate development is a great opportunity for investors to take advantage of this trend.

Three office buildings will provide over 53,000 m2 of A class leasable office premises, complemented by co-working space, catering and leisure facilities on the ground level. Moreover, an even wider range of public amenities will be available to the office tenants in the neighborhood, making it a place where various streams of creative energy coexist.

Pillar Group, the New Hanza territory developer, is proud to offer this unique investment opportunity in a plug and play format. The 1.8 ha land plot under offer comes with engineering networks, ready-to-use flexible technical projects, and launched construction works. Upon acquisition, construction works can be resumed within 6 months of deal closure. In this case, office and commercial premises will be available for lease in 3 years from deal closure, while in 4 years — project cash flow is expected to stabilize.

In today`s world successful development projects cannot do without putting sustainability efforts among key project goals. Indeed, Pillar Group architects and engineers have dedicated extra attention to making sure this office complex does not only offer the most modern office premises in the Baltics but also follows sustainability principles with ecological standards approved by the BREEAM certificate.


93,940 m2

gross building area


23,932 m2

two level underground parking


53,100 m2

gross leasable area



parking spaces

Technical documentation status:

development concept
approved technical project

Primary piling works:

77% completed

Expected start of construction works:

6 months upon deal closure

To be completed in

3.5 years

Sustainability Strategy

The technical specifications of the office complex on offer were designed keeping in mind modern demands for sustainable construction and building operation.

  • B/C energy efficiency class
  • 2 W/m3/s parameter for the ventilation system
  • eliminated cooling bridges and airtightness increased within the limits inside the building
  • accounting of consumption of resources by zones
  • water supply — in accordance with standards like AqualeakWG2 Major Water Leak Detectormain water supply monitoring system
  • analysis of application of zero or low CO2 emission technologies (BREEAM ENE04)
  • thermography and blow-door test of the building in compliance with ISO6781-3:2015, ISO9972:2015
  • air quality — air supply and thermal comfort balance, as well as safety and cleanness of inbuilt materials
  • light quality — respecting all user rights for daylight, view out and adequate, non-harming light supply.

Room for a Corporate Family of Any Size

The office complex comprises three buildings which differ in their height and structure.

Having 6, 15 and 18 floors, all units are designed to feature a spacious construction up to 6th floor, while two buildings have tower-shaped architectural solutions going up from 7th floor.

Ground floor in each of the three buildings will serve public and commercial needs, such as public catering, a sports club, co-working area with conference rooms, shops and showrooms.

The premises located from 2nd floor up will be designed as offices with flexible planning options ranging from 150 m2 for a smaller tenant up to 2,700 m2 for a larger tenant willing to occupy one or several floors.

The modular grid is going to be 1.5 m that will enable free planning of premises and office rooms depending on the requirements.

  Building 1 Building 2 Building 3
NLA, m2 18,851 18,228 16,026
Number of floors 18 15 6
Expected start of construction upon deal closure 6 mon 6 mon 6 mon
Expected date of completion 36 mon 34 mon 31 mon

Premises plans


Edgars Miļūns

Edgars Miļūns

Chief Executive Officer

Edgars has 25-year experience in real estate business, having started his career as a real estate broker and now being CEO in the company managing real estate portfolio of over EUR 150 million. The real estate portfolios which he was in charge of amounted to EUR 300 million. Apart from strategic planning and compiling of business models, he gains expertise in commercial and residential property development.

Guntars Cauna

Guntars Cauna

Head of Sales

Guntars is in charge of client relationship and management of real estate owned by New Hanza Capital and Pillar Group. Guntars joined Pillar Group in 2016, however, his career in real estate business started in 1999. In the course of almost 20-year experience, Guntars has been specialising in commercial real estate. Since 2005, Guntars has also developed competence in analysis and management of large investment deals both in Latvia and abroad.