Street Network

Streets of New Hanza district carry the names of famous Rigans, who are monumentalized for their contribution in various fields and their representation of Latvia around the world. The main street in this new neighbourhood is named after chess Grandmaster and world champion Mikhail Tal, while other streets celebrate the names of Oscar Strock, Aleksandrs Laime, Gustav Klutsis, Wilhelm Ostwald and Robert Hirsch.

Tango king Oscar Strock was a composer and pianist, as well as author of over 300 musical pieces.

Traveller and nature explorer Aleksandrs Laime made a host of geographical discoveries, one of the most important being the discovery of Angel Falls in the jungles of Venezuela. Still renowned today as one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century, Gustav Klutsis designed the most memorable posters of his day, along with ground-breaking installations and other art projects.

Chemist and philosopher Wilhelm Ostwald remains the only Latvian to have been awarded a Nobel Prize, while back in the day entrepreneur Robert Hirsch was the father of silk and imitation silk textile production in Latvia.

New Hanza streets
  • Mikhail Tal — Latvian chess Grandmaster
  • Oscar Strock — Latvian composer and pianist
  • Aleksandrs Laime — Latvian geographer and nature explorer
  • Gustav Klutsis — author of the first Latvian posters
  • Wilhelm Ostwald — chemist and philosopher, Noble Prize holder
  • Robert Hirsch — pioneer of silk production in Latvia