In 2017, the first stage of construction of the new territory’s infrastructure was completed. Over EUR 8 million were invested in the construction of streets and modern utilities including water mains, drainage, heating and power systems. The total area of streets and developed land spans 15,400 m2, while the drainage, water mains and power networks extend for a total of 12 km.

The first stage of infrastructure construction included installation of a high-power hydraulic powered pumping station for gathering and channelling rainwater into the city’s drainage system. The most essential part of the rainwater drainage system is the water reservoir, which has a capacity of 5,000 m3 or 5 million litres. This is the first time in Latvia’s history that this kind of project has been implemented. The development of New Hanza means both the construction of buildings and streets, site improvements and the initiation and development of positive environment in which New Hanza visitors and residents will live and work.